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At Classic Carers, we are acutely aware that there comes a time when caring for our residents at home becomes challenging due to increased frailty, the risk of falls, or more complex care needs. Recognising this, we offer a seamless transition to a more supportive and safer environment through our dedicated care homes, Summercourt and Pottlescourt. These homes are an extension of our commitment to provide continuous, compassionate, and specialised care in a setting that feels like a home away from home, ensuring peace of mind for residents and their families in times of need. At the heart of our care philosophy lies the principle of person-centered care, a dedication to dignity, and the elevation of our residents’ voices. Our ethos manifests in the warm, family-oriented atmosphere of our care homes, designed to be a comforting haven that residents can call their own.

Summercourt Care Home, Teignmouth

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Teignmouth, just a short walk from the serene Devonshire coast, Summercourt Care Home offers a warm and nurturing environment for its residents. This twenty-bed care facility prides itself on its Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating of ‘Outstanding’ in the Caring category and ‘Good’ overall, a testament to the exceptional care and attention provided by our dedicated staff.

At Summercourt, we understand the diverse needs of our residents, offering a range of care options. From short-term placements designed to aid recovery post-hospitalisation or to provide families a well-deserved respite, to compassionate and skilled care for residents with varying stages of dementia, our focus is always on delivering personalised care with dignity and respect. The home is also celebrated for its charming front garden, providing a peaceful and scenic outdoor space for residents to enjoy and engage with nature. At Summercourt, we are committed to creating a supportive and homely atmosphere where every resident can experience comfort and joy.

Located in the tranquil village of Exminster in Exeter, Pottlescourt Care Home is a sanctuary of care and comfort for those in need of specialised support. This seventeen-bedded facility has earned an ‘Outstanding’ overall rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), reflecting our unwavering commitment to providing the highest standard of care.

Pottlescourt is especially renowned for its expertise in caring for individuals with advanced dementia. Our team of compassionate and highly skilled professionals is adept at addressing the most acute care needs, ensuring that each resident receives the individualised attention and support they require. The serene environment of our home, coupled with our person-centred approach, creates a nurturing atmosphere where residents can feel secure and valued.

At Pottlescourt, we go beyond just meeting the physical needs of our residents; we strive to enrich their lives through a supportive community and engaging activities tailored to their abilities and interests. We believe in nurturing not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, making Pottlescourt a place where residents can thrive in a caring and understanding environment.

24 Hour Support

Our professional carers are available around the clock to provide personal care to our residents, ensuring their ultimate well-being and safety.


We know that some people can struggle to adapt into a care home setting. This is why we design each room to the specific needs of the resident to provide a peaceful home away from home.

Personalised Care Plans

We develop tailored plans for every resident, considering unique preferences, medical requirements and social needs. Our ultimate goal is to enhance quality of life and promote independence.

Home Activities

We host a range of activities and social events for our residents and their families to ensure they can thrive mentally, socially and physically. This can include arts and crafts, outings and entertainment. There’s always something enjoyable happening!

Dedicated Care Teams

Every member of our team is focused on the comfort, dignity and safety of our clients and work to ensure that all of our residents are supported in every aspect of their care.

Continued Care

Our care homes provide a natural progression for people receiving care at home and our round-the-clock teams work to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, always.

Tailored Care Plans

From personal care to general upkeep, our care team supports each of our residents in the ways they need, whilst ensuring safety and well-being.

Emotional Support

We understand that emotional well-being is as essential to our resident's care as their physical well-being. This is why our team works to provide companionship, conversation and emotional support to our residents, so residents always have someone to turn to.

Peace of Mind

Our team works to ensure that families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving dedicated, quality care from a team of people who have residents well-being and safety at heart.


We are proud to provide excellent care for our residents and are committed to training our staff so that they can provide this. We also employ specialist activity workers to ensure that residents are able to enjoy a variety of activities.

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