There's always something going on!

Arts, crafts and cooking

With specialist activities taking place several times a week, there’s never a dull moment here. We work our way through the seasons with baking and icing, while Easter, Halloween and Christmas always give us lots of opportunity for making bonnets, pumpkin lanterns and festive wreaths.

Making a song and dance

Music is a such a great way of bringing people together; whether it’s our themed “Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers” day, or children from the local school coming in to sing carols in the lounge.

Trips and visits

We have a regular programme of visits to a whole range of attractions. Beauty spots, garden centres, local hotels and Living Coasts are all on our list of must-sees for the summer, and in winter we always make sure we achieve a real Christmassy feel.

Quizzes and games

These are a firm favourite at Summercourt, with regular participation in the lounge.

Putting in the ‘i’ in activities

With free wi-fi enabled throughout Summercourt, we’ve loved to see how some of the most unexpected people have embraced the web. Our activities worker uses iPads to reminisce with residents, giving instant swipe-and-see access to photos and songs from people’s pasts. Residents who would never have known where to start with a computer can be instantly transported to images and memories of yesteryear.

Sitting still is fine too…

We know that not everybody wants to socialise all the time! Summercourt is also great for quiet spaces, and we encourage residents to participate in events just as much as they want to.

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We are proud to provide excellent care for our residents and are committed to training our staff so that they can provide this. We also employ specialist activity workers to ensure that residents are able to enjoy a variety of activities.

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