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Keeping our chin up

It has been a very strange week… lots of change and lots of emotions, but we are trying to keep as positive as we can here and keep things upbeat for the residents. I have to say that that isn’t too difficult with the amazing team that I have here. There is so much ‘can do’ atmosphere, I really am a very luck care home owner with the most brilliant team!

We have been contacting families to compile our list of Skype IDs so we can make sure that there is as much contact as possible, we are also welcoming families to our front garden to wave at their loved ones.

We will get there, this is a journey and we will keep positive.

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We are proud to provide excellent care for our residents and are committed to training our staff so that they can provide this. We also employ specialist activity workers to ensure that residents are able to enjoy a variety of activities.

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