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And today's advice...

Gracious me, it’s so hard to write a blog about Coronavirus when things are changing on a day to day basis, so for today, we have made some decisions…

We really need to protect our residents, and everything we do is with them at mind. We have put in extra sanitiser stations around the home and are reminding staff that hand washing for 20 seconds is so important.

Last week we sent letters to all of our relatives and friends asking them to consider not visiting if they have been on a holiday to one of the hot spot areas. Today, we are closing the door and calling relatives and friends asking them whether they really need to visit at the moment. This is such a hard decision to make, and if people really need to come the staff will be making sure that hand washing and sanitising practices are carried out.

We are keeping spirits high here, and the staff team are being so positive and amazing. We are thinking of ways to make sure that life carries on as normal (with a few tweaks!); yesterday instead of a trip to Wetherspoons, we had fish and chips at home from the local chippy, lovely!

We have an ipad here, so we welcome face-time calls, and our normal telephone reaches all of the rooms. Please do contact us if you are worried about anything, and bear with us as we change things on a daily basis depending on our guidelines for Public Health.

Thank you so much and I hope that you support our decisions.


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We are proud to provide excellent care for our residents and are committed to training our staff so that they can provide this. We also employ specialist activity workers to ensure that residents are able to enjoy a variety of activities.

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